Welcome to my Bloom’n family!

You, me, a cup of tea and an old orange tabby who’s in love with a fuzzy blanket… hey, I don’t judge anybody’s thing.

I am delighted and honoured (yup, that’s with Canadian spelling!) that you’ve invited me into your inbox. If you’re wondering what to expect… yeah, me too!

This is what I know—you’ll get a few emails over the next couple of days to make sure you know about all the perks of being part of my Bloom’n family, and then something when I have an update worthy of sharing—a book deal from one of my author friends, a story that made me laugh, and of course, news about my new releases!

I’d love to hear from you so, when I invite you to reply to any of my emails, know that I mean it and that I will reply to you. Because in my world, a truly happily ever after relationship involves conversation, not just one person talking at the other! And I’d like to have a happily ever after with you!

love & stuff,

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