Bookish Billionaires of Maple Valley

co-writes with USA Today bestselling author Mia Sands

He created the robot that stole her job… can she stop him from stealing her heart?

I’ve finally got my life on track, working at a cute little, small-town library in Maple Valley. I even put a down payment on a house, and then promptly got fired. Why, you ask? Because the new hire doesn’t need breaks and will work for free. How can I compete with that?

Smexy tech billionaire Bryan Brooks is the person to blame, and he doesn’t want my dream job for himself—that I might understand. No, he built a shelving robot named after my favorite poet and donated it to the library so that it can replace me.

I hate how good he looks in his viral posts and the fact that he has time to talk about my favorite books but can’t be bothered to find a shirt.

I’ll never forgive him. Not even when he shows me his personal library, complete with floor-to- ceiling books and a rolling ladder. And definitely not when he kisses me while whispering delicious literary quotes that set every inch of me on fire. How can I ever get over the fact that he destroyed my life

He’s been my ride or die since first grade… will my growing crush crash our good thing?

The one constant in my life has been my best guy friend, Cam. He’s trustworthy, sweet, and his no-occasion, literary gifts blow every romance hero’s grand gesture out of the water.

Still, he’s my best friend. And while he’d make the most swoon-worthy love interest for another girl, I don’t see him that way. Until he shows up at my library book club meeting and reads the role of the hero in the best book series of all time.

When we reenact my favorite scene, all the book club ladies think I fainted because my mail-order corset was one-size-too-small. The truth is, when Cam touched my arm, my heart stopped.

Then I discover he has a spicy romance novel by my favorite author hidden next to his bed. Now I can’t look at Cam without imagining him as the hero of my own love story. I crave to role-play just one steamy scene with him, but how can I justify indulging when it could ruin this almost perfect thing we have?

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The Mixed Six-Pack

Mixed Six Pack series by Danika Bloom

He gives Tony Robbins a run for his motivational coaching money. She’s a plant whisperer. When he calls her to the stage for some public coaching, her quiet, confident energy knocks him off kilter.

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