Bonus chapters

This is the home to bonus chapters and deleted scenes and, one day, other extra musings from and about the characters in my romance stories.

Although you need to provide your email address each time you download a new chapter, you’ll only be added to my list once! I just like to keep track of which of my couples are getting the most love so I know who to write more scenes about!


The Billionaire’s Shrubbery

Will & Virginia
The next day

First In: Cheeky with the Fire Chief 

Nick & Sophie
1 year later

Second Breath: Dazzled by my Blind Date

Dylan & Kama
9 months later

Third Party: Merry with the Millionaire

Josh & Paige
6 months later

Rhodes to Love: Daring with the Single Dad

Adam & Lizzy (and Olivia and the rest of the Rhodes gang)
10 years later

Frisky with my Bestie 

Morgan & Tamara
15 months later

Her Seasoned Delivery 

Stirling & Magdalena (and the twins)
6 months later

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