Third Party: Merry with the Millionaire


Release date: December 4, 2020
Series: The Mixed Six-pack
Genre: Contemporary romance with rom-com leanings, new adult (heroine)
Tropes: second chance, Christmas, band of brothers, quirky family


About the story

Turns out that old saying is true, that money can’t buy happiness. But it sure can ruin it.

“Wow! I ended up reading this book in one sitting—I could not put it down. … Danika Bloom books have now hit “don’t need to know about the book, just need to get it” status in my TBR lists.” ~Kate A, Amazon


Josh Rhodes was the love of my life. We were all set to do the “til death do us part” thing. But when the video game he’d been working on for years sold for millions, I realized I wasn’t prepared for the “for richer or poorer” part.

All Josh wanted to do was support me—because he finally could. But I’d seen what happens when a woman is financially dependent on a man. She gets stuck. Stays when she should leave. I just needed to prove that I could still support myself—if I had to. And now? Looks like I’ve made my fears come true.


After years of surviving on ramen noodles, an investor threw me a bone and bought my family-friendly dog game. With the promise of money in the bank, I was finally ready to make things official with Paige and put a ring on her finger.

But all the money scared her away. I supported her decision to take a job in London for four months, so she could prove something to herself. When months stretched into a year, I got mad. I told her not to bother coming back. So she didn’t.

Now she’s home to see her mom for Christmas and I’ll do anything to keep her from leaving again.


Third Party: Merry with the Millionaire is a stand-alone in the steamy, Mixed Six-Pack contemporary rom-com series.

If you like witty banter, grandma matchmakers, holiday weddings, quirky family dynamics, you’ll adore Danika Bloom’s emotional love story. No cheating and a guaranteed HEA.


Read an excerpt

Excerpt from Josh and Paige’s surprise reunion


I looked at the seating. I had two choices: sit beside Paige or across from her. I did some quick calculations and decided that it was safer to sit beside her since I wouldn’t have to look at her that way. Bad call, I realized, as soon as my ass hit the couch and I smelled her familiar ginger shampoo. Damn the instant, peppery warm, comforting memories of lying in bed, watching movies on a laptop, the smell of her hair evoked.

I pushed myself as far from her as possible without actually sitting on the arm of the couch then turned so I could breathe from fresh air side of the room.

“Josh, don’t you want tea?”

Pouring tea would require sliding toward Paige to reach the teapot.

“No, I’m good. Thanks, Nana.”

“Well, did you apologize to Paige, yet?”

“Apologize? For what?”

I looked at Paige. She was pressing her lips together tight, clearly trying to hide a smile. Nana always sided with Paige. First I scowled at Nana, then at Paige.

She laughed.

“What?” I asked trying to sound serious, but the truth was that this situation was so familiar I wanted to laugh, too.

She pointed at my face, “Good scwile. Looks like you’ve been practicing.”

Scwile was a word Paige had made up to describe the face I make when I’m scowling and smiling at the same time. That was her thing, blending words to make new ones. I realized I missed it.

“That was not a scwile. It was an unadulterated scowl.”

“Whatever,” she said. “Looked like it had some smile in it to me.”

“What are you two on about?” Nana asked.

“Nothing,” we said together.

“Well? Paige, has he apologized yet?”

Before Paige could answer, I interrupted, “Not the time or place, Nana.”

She ignored me and spoke directly to Paige again, “He missed you terribly, you know.”

“Nana, seriously?” I said.

“Well, you did. I don’t know why you’re trying to be such a tough guy. I’m sure Paige missed you, too.”

I could see from the corner of my eye that she shrugged. It felt like a punch in the gut.

“Well,” I said, “that was then, this is now. I’m over it. Moved on.”

“Really?” Paige turned. She sounded sincerely surprised and that pissed me off.

“Of course. Haven’t you?” Yup, I was fishing. She wasn’t wearing a ring which was both good and bad. Bad since when she left Vancouver she wore an engagement ring that I’d given her. Good since she wasn’t wearing a different one which meant she wasn’t in a serious relationship. Not that I cared…

Nana gave me a funny look. “What do you mean you’ve moved on? Who have you moved on with?”

“Lizzy,” I said, feeling a sharp twist in my gut because if she found out I’d just used her that way, she’d kill me.

“Lizzy? Kama’s friend?” Nana asked.

Oh my god, Nana, be quiet. “Yes, Kama’s friend.”

From the corner of my eye I could see Paige shifting. I could tell she was staring at me but I refused to look at her.

“Well, that’s a pickle isn’t it. What are you going to do now? You can’t very well have two girlfriends.”

“Can we please stop talking about this? I’m sure Paige has all kinds of stories about living in London that are much more interesting than my love life.”

Or lack thereof. Not that I’d ever admit it to her.

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