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Over 60 Goodreads 5-star reviews

She’s not ready for kids. He’ll move mountains to maintain guardianship of his godchild. Is crossing the line from friends to fake husband and wife a stunt they can survive?

Daredevil snowboarder Adam Rhodes does not do relationships—not since his best friends died in a stunt he survived, making him a single dad to their orphaned daughter. But when his guardianship is challenged, he hopes that being married will give him the edge he needs to keep his family together. Unfortunately, the safe-bet woman he chooses as his fake wife sends his heart into free fall.

Gamaphobic Lizzy Hillhouse is determined to remain single until she’s knocked every last item off her extensive bucket list. But when her handsome, smooth-talking snowboarder friend offers to fund her dream trip to Europe, she says “I do.” As agreed with Adam she books her flight—both on a plane and from the marriage—for three months out.

As an avalanche of unfamiliar emotions buries Adam, he’s torn between respecting the terms of his fake relationship agreement with Lizzy and chasing his own dream of the perfect family. And surprising and delighting Lizzy at every turn, she struggles to reconcile what she’s always wanted with the deep love she feels for Adam and his daughter.

Will they allow their fake marriage to melt away like spring snow, or can they charter a flight to a happily ever after together?


Rhodes to Love is the fourth stand-alone book in the new adult, contemporary romance series, the Mixed Six-Pack. If you like generous heroes, goal-oriented heroines, and cute-as-kitten kids you’ll adore Danika Bloom’s steamy friends-to-lovers romance.

For readers who love...

Friends to lovers 

Fake relationships

Single dad romance

New adult & college romance

Themes connected to family

Readers who enjoy the emotional intensity of books by Nicole Snow will love Rhodes to Love.




“The extended epilogue was the stuff dreams are made of! I loved the long look into the future and what it held for all the major characters of this series. If you’ve read any of the earlier books, you simply cannot miss this one. If you haven’t yet, then what are you waiting for? Grab them all and settle in for an unforgettable experience with the heartwarming Rhodes family.” ~ Viper Spaulding

“Another heart-filling HEA from Danika Bloom! The road to love for these two is a bit rocky, but well worth the trip. It felt 100% real and my heart was invested in their story right away.” ~ Cecilia Dawn

Rhodes to Love, the conclusion of Danika Bloom’s Mixed Six Pack romances about the Rhodes brothers, is my favourite hands down. And topping First In was hard to do. This is the ultimate romantic fantasy that will warm your heart, and some other parts, while satisfying all your cravings. ~MaryAnn Clarke Scott

Over 80 Goodreads 5-star reviews

“Danika Bloom books have now hit ‘don’t need to know about the book, just need to get it!’ status in my TBR lists.” ~Amazon reviewer


A video game drove them apart. Can a virtual reality add-on of the same game bring them together again?

Josh Rhodes has finally made his mark in the gaming world, an investor threw him a bone and bought his family-friendly dog game for millions. After years of living on ramen noodles he finally feels ready to ask his longtime girlfriend, Paige to marry him.

Paige Verbeck-Reid has only ever loved one man, Josh Rhodes. And as happy as she is for his success, with her own career as a dog trainer floundering, his massive success has her on the run: she’s seen what happens when a woman is financially dependent on a man. She gets stuck. Stays when she should leave.

As Josh’s success breeds more digital dogs and an exploding population of dollars in his bank account, he fears Paige will never come home. When Nana forces the pair to finish a Christmas present they made for her two years earlier, Paige has to resolve what she believes with what she feels.

Will their decade-long love stay in the dog house, or can they train their emotions to learn new commands?


Third Party is a stand-alone in the steamy, Mixed Six-Pack contemporary romance series.If you like witty banter, grandma matchmakers, quirky family dynamics and pet lover, steamy romance, you’ll adore Danika Bloom’s emotional love story.

Buy Third Party to experience the grip of commitment today!

For readers who love...

Second chance romance


Christmas and holiday stories

New adult & college romance

Themes connected to family

Readers who enjoy the emotional intensity of books by Nicole Snow will love Third Party.




“I’m in love with this beautiful, lyrical, emotionally honest second-chance romance! I sighed a few times, I laughed a lot, and I teared up once or twice, too. This is my favorite book from this author, and I highly recommend it.” ~Viper Spaulding

“This book gave me all the feels. Josh and Paige working through their past hurts to, uh, come together again was a wonderful ride. The sex scenes were over-the-top steamy and packed a punch since the characters had such emotional intimacy.” ~ Stacey Wallace


Over 80 Goodreads 5-star reviews

“Wow, what a breathtaking story! I’m simply blown away by the depth of emotions the author brought out in this book.” ~Viper Spaulding


What could possibly go wrong when a lawyer falls in love with a young woman whose reputation he was hired to destroy?

Dylan Rhodes is a cocky, up-and-coming lawyer who was just given his big break—all he has to do is win a questionable case to become the firm’s youngest partner. But after he meets the woman he’s meant to take down, all he can think about is taking her home.

Grad student Kama Ray is one date shy of finishing the research portion of her thesis about dating mind-tricks. The man who answers her ad is perfect. He’s an unapologetic player who treats women like tea bags—gets them wet, then tosses them out. But as they get deeper into the study, Kama’s not sure who’s mind-tricking whom.

As Kama falls for her research subject, she fears her feelings are a result she can’t defend. And when Dylan sees the truth about Kama’s study, his career goals grind against doing what’s right.

Will their romance be deadlocked or can they appeal to their hearts to find their forever?


Second Breath is a stand-alone in the steamy, Mixed Six-Pack contemporary romance series, featuring smart heroines, hottie heroes, funny family dynamics and quirky, witty banter.

Buy Second Breath to witness the justice of love today!

For readers who love...

Powerful heroes

Quirky heroines

Opposites attract stories

New adult & college romance

References to pop-culture

Readers who enjoy stories like The Kiss Quotient will love Second Breath.




“I guarantee you’ve never read a book like this one, and you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor by immersing yourself in this truly breathtaking romance.” ~Viper Spaulding

“A wonderful story full of love and connection, the power of love and the independence of both characters.” ~ Ingrid V-Q

“I thought the first book in this series was good but when I finished this one it definitely outshined even the first. Definitely recommend this one.” ~Nicole Johnson

“The misunderstanding that seem to arise when people don’t communicate is in abundance here and Danika manages to articulate this extremely well. She brings humour and warmth. Throw in the combustible chemistry between our leads and you have a slow burn that simmers until igniting.” ~Fiona Fog


Over 180 Goodreads 5-star reviews

“If you like hot, action-packed, firefighter romance, look no further. Danika puts you right on the front line in all the best ways.”
~Cora Seton, NYT & USA Today bestselling romance author


She lost her inheritance. He stole her job. When these rivals start playing with fire, sparks fly, donuts melt, and hearts burn.

At 24 and just 5’4”, Sophie Beaulieu may not look like the best candidate to become the first paid chief of the Lily Valley Volunteer Fire Department. But the crew have faith in her and everyone expects she’ll get the job. A job she needs to keep her family home after her father dies.

So when an arrogant and hot as Hades career firefighter rides into town wearing the new chief’s helmet, nobody is more shocked or angry than Sophie.

Nick West is convinced this small-town job is his ladder to a chief promotion in the city. Nick’s been an outsider all his life, even in his own fractured family, so he has no trouble taking on the opposition, whether that’s the haters within the department, or the feisty woman he takes on as his Deputy—despite their explosive chemistry.

As the competition rages like an uncontrolled bush fire, sparks fly between Nick and Sophie, both in and out of their turn-out gear. Will their romantic fling be extinguished by their egos, or can they fan the flames to find their forever?


First In is a steamy, contemporary romance and the first stand-alone book in the Mixed Six-Pack series. If you like off-the-charts chemistry and enemies-to-lovers tales that end in a satisfying HEA, you’ll adore Danika Bloom’s emotional—and funny—love story.

For readers who love...

Sexy firemen

Virgin romance

Enemies to lovers stories

New adult & college romance

Small town romance

Readers who enjoy kick-ass heroines like Stephanie Plum will love First In.




“Run, don’t walk, to get this book. It’s fantastic. I loved the storyline, characters, the dialogue is quick and witty, and the chemistry between Nick and Sophie is absolutely smoking hot.” ~FionaAndBuffy

“Real page-turner! I absolutely loved it.” ~ Deb O

“This is a great story of not only finding oneself but about making a sacrifice for someone you love. I look forward to more from this author.” ~Liz Burke

“The heat between Nick and Sophie was off the charts hot.” ~Poppy

“…couldn’t stop reading…Definitely a fireman book I would reread.” ~Tamaralee



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