What’s with the ‘love & stuff?’

and other FAQs

Seriously, ‘love & stuff?’ Why?

Well, because proper romance authors write about love. And I guess I’m an improper romance author. Or at very least, much more than a romance author since I also write highly personal creative non-fiction, helpful non-fiction, and humorous women’s fiction. So… love… and stuff!


Do you really believe in love at first sight and happily ever after?


When my wusband and I met, it was absolutely love at first sight… okay, lust, lust at first sight. Love came when he invited me over for dinner three days later and made me a vegetarian lasagne, even though he ate meat. I was absolutely, head-over-heels with the guy and we moved in together within a month of meeting, got married and had over ten great years together.

But then he fell in love at first sight a second time. Which brings me to my happily ever after husband…

I never said that a person’s love at first sight lover had to be the same as their happiliy ever after lover…


How long have you been writing fiction?

I started writing my first book in 2005. If I had to pin it down as a single genre it was a ‘lovers to enemies’ story… kind of an anti-romance. It was 120,000 words of practice and taught me, among other things, that I had no idea how to use a semi-colon and that the old adage, “write from the scar not the wound” was excellent advice!

Fast forward to November 2014 when I wrote 50,000 words of what became Mother Teresa’s Advice for Jilted Lovers which I completed and published in 2016. I was happy just to have a real book in the world and didn’t do a lick of promotion so… those characters have never gotten the love they deserve.

Jump again to December 2019 when Nick and Sophie, the at-odds firefighters in my first romance, First In, woke me up and insisted I tell their story. By New Year’s Day, I had 80,000 words written and a crazy idea: to write another romance and tell my technical writing clients that I was all booked up with… well, love & stuff!


Where are you on social?

Instagram is my new happy place. Yeah, I’m a late bloomer… get it? I’d love for you to join my Facebook group.


Does your husband read your books? Has he read your sex scenes?

Nope and nope.

He’s more of a Clive Cussler kind of reader. But I do tell him about the stories and have tried a few scenes out with him to, you know, really understand how a person would react in certain sexy situations…

Too much info? Then for goodness sake, do not read my creative non-fiction!


Who are some of your favorite authors?

Ugh. I hate that question and the source of my stress in trying to answer also speaks to why I only had one child. I knew that if I had two, my first would always be my favorite… and I know that picking favorites is not nice.

But, what I can tell you is that these authors were a huge influence to me when I decided to switch my day job from writing technical words to writing love & stuff:

CJ Hunt. I love the Touch of Magic series.
Odette Stone, specifically, Home Game. I still feel those characters a year later.
Jaine Diamond, Dirty Like Me… whoah! And there’s a whole series of Dirty stories.
Lucy Score. Protecting What’s Mine is brilliant. Sexy and smart. That’s a solid win.
LJ Shen. She’s my book version of Netflix binging.
Pippa Grant. Sex and laughter are my religion. Pippa’s books feed me.

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